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  • XTL - Pipes Fiber Lasing Cutting Machine

Laser PowerWorking AreaAxial Positioning AccuracyRe-positioning AccuracyWorking Voltage
500W / 750W / 1000W / 2000W≤160mm+/- 0.03mm/min+/- 0.02mm/minAC 380V/50Hz

Product Advantages:

- Applicable for metal pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, deformed pipe etc., with fast speed and high quality

- Smaller cutting gap, lower deformation, more smooth, flat and beautiful cutting edge, and without secondly process. High-accuracy cutting to cut down consumption effectively

- Automatically moistering guide rail, both pneumatically back and forward chucks, quickly responsing in the corner to improving cutting efficiency tremendously

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XTL - Pipes Fiber Lasing Cutting Machine

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