Malaysia Machinery Supplier:Milling Machines,Thread Rolling Machines,Measuring Machines
The company was incorporated in 1997. Khoo Wang Machinery Trading Sdn. Bhd specializes not only as construction machinery supplier to across Malaysia andSingapore but also supplier to with a wide variety of attachment products located through our unparalleled nationwide procurement network. Aside from that, we also provides sales and services of all type of machineries such as precision lathe machines, milling machines, measuring machines and equipments for construction sector and other areas.

We have always further opportunities for supplying various machineries products by expanding its domestic and outstation networks. Khoo Wang Machinery Trading Sdn. Bhd. is also currently providing sales, machinery supplier & maintenance and after sales services to their customers. In addition, Khoo Wang Machinery Trading Sdn. Bhd. also developed another line of product-Mist Fan. This product was developed using America technology.

Our machinery supplies such as our milling machinesmeasuring machines and others are guaranteed to be of high quality and durability and this can be proven through our customers from all around Malaysia and Singapore. Crafted with high workmanship, we always ensure that our equipments are of genuine products as a way to maintain our standard in our customers’ eyes.

Our mission is to offer a one stop solutions and help our customers to achieve 3Gs aim. 3Gs mean Good Price, Good Quality and Good Services. We understand that technology is a key component in running a successful business and Khoo Wang Machinery Trading Sdn Bhd aims to provide the best solution at a competitive price while providing fast response thus ensuring customers satisfaction. Our goal is to be the market leader in the machinery business in Malaysia.

By means of the spirit of comity, the professional diathesis of quality first, the exploit spirit of innovation and the service principle of customer consummate, Khoo Wang Machinery trading won customers’ credit standing and become the exploiter and leader in the field of machinery industry in domestic. The company repayment customers by the lowest equipment gain while it get return. Today, under the environment of market economy, we want to be the most faithful friend of customer forever. Khoo Wang Machinery trading provide up to the minute settle project of all kinds of laser technique to inside and outside customer.

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